MT. TRUSMADI via Wayaan Sinua – Kaingaran (Special Product)

Mt Trusmadi (2642m / 8669ft) is the 2nd highest mountain of Malaysia after Mt Kinabalu (4095m / 13435ft) located within Forest Management Unit (FMU-10). Bordered by the district of Ranau on the north, Tambunan on the west, Keningau on the south and sub-district of Sook on the east there are multiple approaches to climb the mountain. These are Wayaan Kaingaran, Wayaan Mastan and Wayaan Manna each respectively with a distance of 4.9KM, 4.3KM and 11.6KM to the summit of Mt Trusmadi. It is an important conservation area covering upland mixed dipterocarp forest, and unique montane flora namely Nepenthes trusmadiensis and Nepenthes macrophylla. The Raja Brooke’s birdwing butterfly and up to seven species of hornbill are among the animals depending on FMU-10 for survival. Mt Trusmadi trail retains its natural characteristic making it tougher to trek while at the same time much more rewarding for the observant hiker. Moving through the twisty and uneven terrain requires the agility of using all four limbs with the aid of ropes and aluminium ladders in tricky sections. The best reward of it all is the dawn view of Mt Kinabalu off to the north east for those reaching the summit of Trusmadi well before dawn.  


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